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Vourvouria Village

Vourvouria is a small, picturesque village in central Naxos, situated in a fertile area between two small rivers.

According to one version, the name Vourvouria is derived from the word vourla –the reeds that grow in abundance by the rivers.

Argokili Village


Argokili is a small settlement in northeastern Naxos, with superb sea views but best known for the monastery of Panagia Argokiliotissa.

Located at an elevation of 550m on the eastern slope of Mt. Amomaxis, it has a few farmsteads and very few permanent inhabitants.

Kynidaros Village

In the Naxos uplands, about 15km east of main town Chora, the village of Kynidaros carries a rich and tumultuous past, as well as vibrant musical tradition, as highlighted by the numerous events staged here, possibly more frequently than in any other village of Naxos.

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